Squaring the circle: Organizing sustainable, diverse and economically successful events
17:30 – 19:00
Kraftwerk Zurich
Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zurich
The social and economic pressure on event organizers is increasing: festivals should be easily accessible, the lines should be short, no one wants to see piles of garbage, and still, no one wants to clean up. The line-ups have to be diverse, colorful and inclusive, and yet headliners are needed to attract the audience. And: The pressure from internationally operating groups such as Live Nation is increasing. What are the challenges for event organizers - today and in the future? How do the criteria of sustainability and diversity affect the quality of an event - both positively and negatively? And: Is it possible to organize diverse, sustainable and economically successful events at the same time? language: english
Rosanna Grüter
(DJ and host)
Karl Törnros
(Department Festival Stockholm)
(Founder female:pressure, Producer and DJ)
Yorick Oertle
(Booker & DJ)
Daniel Seitz
(Sustainability Manager, Institute for Future Culture)