How to get paid when you get played?
15:30 – 17:00
Kraftwerk Zurich
Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zurich
Earning money as a musician:in is not so easy anymore: records are only sold in small numbers, and even with streams it's hardly possible to make the big money. One of the few ways to be able to pay the rent by making music are the royalties paid to musicians by the collecting societies (Suisa and co.) when a track is played publicly. In the club context, however, this only works to a limited extent, although there would have been better technical possibilities long ago. Why do the collecting societies insist on the status quo? How can artists defend themselves against this? And how could copyrights be compensated more fairly in the future? language: English
Finlay Johnson
(Business Development Manager at AFEM)
(Musician & DJ)
Matthew Hoag
(VP of Relationship Utopia Music)
Mike Jungerius
(Music Rights Expert at DJ Monitor)
Chantal Bolzern
(SUISA board member and entertainment lawyer)