Electronic Music – from the underground to UNESCO cultural heritage
17:30 – 19:00
Kraftwerk Zurich
Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zurich
What began in the early 80s in basements, squats and illegal raves was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 2017: Zurich's techno culture. Electronic music - still a creature of the night - thus became part of so-called "high culture", at least on paper. Has anything changed for creators in the scene since then? Is it easier to get public funding? Are DJs more likely to be recognized as creators of culture? And: What makes "techno" particularly significant in Zurich - more significant, perhaps, than elsewhere? language: German
Alexander Bücheli
(Media spokesperson, lobbyist, curator, activist , Bar & Club Commission Zurich)
Aline Fürer
(editor in chief UBWG, music journalist, producer, DJ)
Andreas Reiboldt
(Head of Marketing bei Sunshine Live)
Manon Maeder
(Musician & DJ)
Dr. Stefan Koslowski
(Research associate)