Lecture: Is ChatGPT the new Bodzin? Risks and chances of music production with AI
18:00 – 19:00
Kraftwerk Zurich
Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zurich
Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips - also in the music industry. Recently, an AI-generated track went viral that "simulated" a collabo between Drake and The Weekend and sounded as if the two had really spent days together in the studio. Is this the future? Does (perfect) AI perhaps even make better music than (flawed) humans? And does AI-generated music mean the end of music as we know it, or does it offer unimagined opportunities? What we know for sure: Authorship of creative content gets blurred. The Blockchain technology is a possible solution to this problem. But how does it work exactly? Simon Emanuel Schmid has been working in the blockchain industry since 2017 and is a former DJ and music industry entrepreneur. He works closely with researchers across the world to translate technological trends into actionable items. language: English
Simon Emanuel Schmid
(Developer Relations Manager at Edge & Node, working on The Graph)